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On-call firefighters

The majority of firefighters that protect the UK serve on a part-time basis. People like you and me who spend their day’s bricklaying, answering the phone, looking after their children, gardening, lifesaving, fitness instructing and making tea. On call firefighters commit to being on-call at certain times when they are able to drop whatever they are doing and get to their fire station quickly.

From fires, to floods, to road traffic accidents and chemicals spills, as an on-call firefighter you will attend the full range of incidents. You won’t have to attend every call but depending on your availability you may respond from home or work, day or night when you receive an emergency call out via a pocket alerter. On top of this you may play an important role within your community promoting fire safety messages in schools and to local organisations, at community events and making home visits to offer advice.

Right now, more than ever, we need more on-call firefighters to help crew fire stations around the UK and if you meet the eligibility criteria, we’ve got an outstanding training package for people who can apply right now.

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What's in it for you?

Challenge yourself

As a firefighter you’ll face different challenges and work with different people


Play a vital role in your community, visiting and teaching a range of groups about fire safety

Do more, get more

If you have a passion to serve your community, excellent communication skills and the desire to make a difference, you’ll fit right in!

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A day in the life of a firefighter

We've been out and about talking to people who have some involvement with the fire service, from Chief Fire Officers to serving firefighters, from employers to members of your communities and below you can see what they have to say about firefighters and what being part of this amazing service means to them.

Real life experience
On-call firefighters talk about their experiences

Oxfordshire County Council Fire & Rescue Service
Simon Furlong, Chief Fire Officer, Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service says “Give it a go!”

Come for the challenge, stay for the people
As a firefighter you'll get the very best training with the latest equipment, overcome new challenges and make friends for life along the way.

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Why we need you

Why you need a smoke alarm

In 2013-14 dwellings with no smoke alarm accounted for 38% of deaths in home fires in Great Britain, and nearly one fifth of deaths occurred where no smoke alarm worked

Time to stop smoking

In 2013-14 more than a third of fire deaths in non-domestic buildings were caused by smokers’ materials or cigarette lighters

Too many cooks

The main cause of accidental fires in dwellings remains the misuse of equipment or appliances, with 13,300 cases recorded in 2013-14

Burning up the highway

In 2013-14, Fire and Rescue Services in Great Britain responded to 23,100 road vehicle fires

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