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Being a firefighter can be physically challenging. Your fitness levels will be assessed during the recruitment process and you will need to maintain good levels of general fitness as a serving firefighter.

The simulated exercises represent activities you may be involved in when called out to an emergency, and test your level of fitness, strength and manual dexterity. On top of this you have the chance to test your confidence levels.

The tests generally include:

  • Ladder climb
  • Casualty evacuation
  • Ladder lift / lower simulation
  • Enclosed spaces
  • Equipment assembly
  • Equipment carry

Ladder climb

Test yourself and learn how to master this essential skill

Casualty evacuation

Techniques and key skills to get a casualty to safety

Ladder lower simulation

Learn how to safely manoeuvre someone down a ladder

Enclosed spaces

Put those experiences of playing 'Sardines' as a kid into practice!

Equipment assembly

There's some amazing equipment and we'll show you how to fit it all together

Equipment carry

Once you've assembled the equipment then we'll show you how best to carry it

Get fit, stay fit!

Remember there are lots of benefits to being fit. Exercise can be enjoyable, rewarding and have a positive impact on all aspects of day-to-day life.

On top of this, there are many ways to improve fitness and there of lots of resources online to help you. A good place to start is by taking a look at www.fireservice.co.uk/fitness

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