1st Step

Prior to starting training

The Kit Familiarisation session enables you to feel the weight of some of the equipment prior to starting and will give you time to work on any areas that you feel you may need to improve on.

During the Uniform & PPE allocation session you will be taken through a bespoke fitting process to ensure you have personal issue PPE and station uniform.

Kit familiarisation session

Uniform & PPE allocation session

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2nd Step

Trainee Firefighter Development Programme


The 12 week TFDP offers each trainee a balanced understanding of the role of a modern-day firefighter within all our key strategies and to allow them to play a key role in making the West Midlands Safer, Stronger and Healthier. 

It's a Risk Based Modular Course... delivered across Training Hubs across the West Midlands, including Walsall, Oldbury, West Bromwich, Smethwick, Birmingham, Coventry, and WMFS Headquarters in the heart of Birmingham.

Hose, Pumps & Ladders...

(12 Days)

Fire ground discipline and orders 4 different ladders, pitching and carrying. Different types and size of hoses. Pump Operation, Knots and Lines...

Breathing Apparatus (BA)

(16 Days)

Dedicated training hot house facility, Oldbury & Coventry training Hubs. We train with real fire as opposed to synthetic smoke or gas powered. Temperatures exceeding 300-400oC, your oven at home gets up to 220-250oC.

Road Traffic Collision (RTC)

(5 Days)

Training using real scrap/damaged cars. Holmatro & Webber cutting and Spreading gear. Stabfast Stabilisation Equipment

First Response Emergency Care

(FREC 3)

Trauma care. Trained to just below the level of an Ambulance technician. External qualification provided by Qualsafe. Medical Oxygen, Defibrillator Trauma Bag

Hazardous Materials

(HAZ MATS) (3 days)

Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear. Post Fire Decontamination. 


(2 Days)

Bartley Green Reservoir, Land based rescues, Rescue swim 25m. You do not need to be a strong swimmer! Personal Flotation Device (PFD). Throw Lines, Hose Inflation Kit.

Safe Working at Height (SW@H)

(2 Days)

Dedicated SW@H training building. Harnesses. Roof ladder & working on a roof.


Safeside, Birmingham

Safe & Well

  • Safeguarding
  • Children & Young People
  • Partnerships
  • Education
  • Road Casualty Reduction Team (RCRT)


  • Fire Safety, Legal aspects
  • Business Support Vehicle (BSV)
  • Business Support Officers role (BSO)
  • Fire Safety Officer (FSO)
  • Site Specific Risk Inspection (SSRI)


By the end of these 12 weeks the Trainee Firefighter is deemed safe to ride and is posted to an operational station / watch to further develop...

3rd Step

Deployment to an operational station

This can take up to 3 years however we find many firefighters are able to reach competency quicker.


Work towards your development plans covering all aspects of an operational firefighter.

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